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New Anu Embroidered Ruana Fall Fashions the line up!

New Anu Embroidered Ruana Fall Fashions the line up!

yes, we all love these colorful embroidered wool Ruana Shawl Jackets! This is the new line for Anu just listed & ready to clothe your latest fall outfits. Click Anu to view all.


This is one of my personal favorites because I LOVE COLOR!  We put this stunning San Francisco Ruana over our Tienda ho emerald green Amal Skirt & a shimmery green tank top with Two Necklaces for that Dramatic look.

Here’s a couple of shots so you can view the side and fully embroidered JOYFUL floral pattern. Make a statement. I know, you can’t have just one can you? Loads of customers buy everyone by the end of the season, as these can be worn practically all year long.
And this new Ruana is called Santa Barbara, in black with corals, nuetrals, golds that POP on the dark background.