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Shades of Gray Winter Wear


We all reach in our closet for shades of gray, cuz it goes with Everything! It’s not only a subtle color or no-color neutral, it’s a soft reminder of the misty days of winter.

Silver Weave for Winter Wear

1. Tulip Stripe Coat
2. Tulip Silver Weave Shirt
3. Mosaic Linen hi-Low Shirt
4. Anu Corfu Wool Embroidered Ruana
5. Dairi Hematite Gray Allani Fringe Tunic
6. Dairi combination Tangiers lagenlook Jacket
7. Cut-Loose Silver dot Tunic Top
8. Dairi Geometric Tribal Chandi Tunic Top
9. Dairi Stripe Cowl Nobi Tunic Top
10. Dairi Juno Silver Weave Dress
11. Dairi Silver Weave Ruana Shawl
12. Sunheart Charcoal Cotton Knit full wrap Dress
13. Sunheart Graphite Gusset hem Blouse
14. Cut Loose Gray Top
16. Kleen coat
17. Tienda Ho Marcie Vest